China Summer School

June/July 2019

Working with students from Jiangnan University – ‘Healthcare design for the aging population’.

Bovey Tracey Craft Fair

June 2019

Displaying my Hisashi table at Bovey Tracey craft fair. A weekend learning how to sell and talk to potential customers.

‘Dreamland’ Short Film

April/May 2019

A short mixed-media animation inspired in style by Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil (1985).

Watch the full short here

Steam-Bent Coffee Table

February 2019

The ‘Hisashi’ table, inspired by Japanese architecture. Revisited the project in June to improve for the Bovey Tracey Craft Fair.

Steam-Bent Lighting

February 2019

‘Horizon’ wall lighting – gentle curves and an led lighting strip that’s glow radiates from the centre.

OPTI Trade Fair – Munich

January 2019

Travelling to Munich to meet the OWP Head of Design Dagmar Hagan and see my winning glasses design on display.

Time Capsule Pendants

January 2019

A project about inter-generational communication devices. ‘Ancestree’ is a digital and analogue time capsule that builds a family history.

1st Place OWP Competition

December 2018

Winning first place with my glasses frame design that allows users to change the lenses with ease.

Check out more here

Folding Festival Tents

November 2018

Working with the theme of ‘Waste’, looking at an umbrella style folding tent and business model that would tackle festival tent waste.

Developing Skills

October 2018

Specifically looking at hand crafted Mortise and Tenon joints, working with a range of woods from Pine and Ash, to Oak and Padauk.

Futon Competition

September 2018

Entering the Futon Small Space Furniture Awards with a 3-Way Table concept that is a low coffee table with built in seating.

Outdoor Dining

April/May 2018

Working for a live client – Block Design. Making colourful trays that encourage users to dine alfresco and enjoy the outdoors.

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